Jesus Loves Everyone!


Ritzmans in Cleveland


I’m excited about how Jesus is growing my brother-in-Christ, Dean (pictured above with Ruthie), who lives in an apartment complex on the West Side of Cleveland! I’ve known Dean for a couple of years, and we became friends as  I visited his apartment building to share Jesus with people. As I continued to share how Jesus loves him again and again, he finally came out and told me, “Mark, your God doesn’t love me because I’m gay.” I told him that wasn’t true and that Jesus died for him and loves him more than we can imagine. After literally months of my trying to convince him and Jesus wooing him, Dean gave in to the love of Jesus by asking forgiveness of his sins and asking Jesus into his heart. He’s been growing in his walk with Jesus ever since! Here’s a Facebook post he put up yesterday (shared with permission)…

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