Our Gospel Aim: Decisions or Disciples?


Good insights from a young Asian blogger I have never met, but who I enjoy reading. Good insights on discipleship and T4T.

The Asian Rough Rider


Last week some friends and I were gathered around a frail woman who was possessed by evil spirits. The woman and her family had come from a rural village several hours away. They were desperate for help and wanted to turn from spirit worship. They decided to put their faith in Jesus.

The moment we laid hands on the demonized woman she let out a deep long growl. Her eyes rolled backed and she began to shake. There was nothing special about what we were doing. We simply copied Jesus and commanded the spirit to leave in His name. Thirty minutes later the woman threw up some nasty red gunk and came to. She blinked, recognized our faces and praised God. We spent the next hour telling her the Gospel story and teaching her how to pray.

Sounds like a success story right? The family said a prayer and madeā€¦

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2 thoughts on “Our Gospel Aim: Decisions or Disciples?

  1. Thank you Kurt for the reblog! Even though we have never met we speak the same language – that makes us brothers. Maybe we’ll meet if I am ever on the East Coast. Much Peace from the Southeast.


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